Sunday, October 18, 2009

Discus Fish Secrets

Maybe you’ve been to the aquatics and seen the gorgeous colorful discus in their entire splendor. There are many people who think that discus fish secrets are for the professionals, and no beginners should endeavor to breed them in the show tank at home. This is not exactly true: here are some basic discus fish “secrets” that will prove to you, discus are great pets. There are three or even four coordinates to follow within the list of discus fish secrets: food, breeding, water quality and last but not least collectivity.

The discus fish secrets related to feeding mark the huge difference between the behavior of these fish and other exotic species when eating. It is ideal to feed them once a day on frozen blood worms or brine shrimp. Many breeders know the discus fish secrets when it comes to eating at leisure. These fish are by no means greedy; on the contrary they will eat slowly and majestically, as if expecting to be admired. However, as related to the fry feeding habits, discus fish secrets are completely revealed. Fed at least three times a day, they will almost fight over food.

Then come the breeding discus fish secrets. Most owners have the problem of not being able to couple their discus. This is when collectivity proves its importance. One of the discus fish secrets is that they like to live in groups of at least six, choosing their partner on their own. Therefore, for successful breeding you’ll have to form a specific discus community. There are no big discus fish secrets when it comes to the choice of co-inhabitants. The only rule you have to follow is to make sure the discus are the biggest in the tank.

Last but not least, water purity has the final word in the list of discus fish secrets you’ll need to successfully breed these exotic creatures. Keep in mind that discus can only live in very clean water, without too many plants. One discus fish secret is to maintain the pH level slightly acidic and the water temperature at 31 degrees Celsius at the maximum. A site such as discus-fish-secrets may prove an enormous help when it comes to learning new discus fish secrets. Sometimes, it is a fact the breeder doesn’t know that may bring failure on the fish colony. Better stay informed than risk losing your friends

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